Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our "Prin-theth"!

Here is a quick snapshot of our beautiful Princess. She was flashing her smile after Timothy had fixed her hair. I think somebody is wrapped around Daddy's little finger!

What happened to Jaren's tongue?

NO, Jaren's tongue has not turned green!! Actually, his favorite thing lately is to suck on a pickle. And I don't mean just lick on it. He chews on it a while and then.......slurp. In it goes just like a pacifier and he sucks on it till there is not much but the skin left. It is about the funniest thing we have seen in a long time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunday Clothes

We told the kids to go get their Sunday clothes on. This is the result. I guess we didn't specify "whose" Sunday clothes to put on.

New adventure

Hi all,
I recently discovered this new way to communicate and show off pictures of the kids. So, I am on a new adventure to see what blogging is all about. I will soon be posting some pictures and start recording some of the things our family does. I am hoping it might ease some of the miles between us and we can share some of our fun with you.
Lots of love,