Saturday, August 25, 2007

This is the Freedom Festival Balloon Launch that happens every 4th of July in Provo. We all went and watched the balloons take off. Then they did a series of events. (jousting smaller balloons, fox hunt, disc throw) It kept the kids enthralled for hours.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

You teach by example, right?!?

Uncle Devin wants Jaren to crawl today. And you teach by example, right? Here he is on hands and knees showing Jaren all the right moves. And as you can see--Jaren is quite impressed. Thanks a lot Devie.....are you coming over to clean up the pots and pans once Jaren is through raiding my cupboards? We'll just have to make our way down next summer to teach your new little boy how to eat popsicles -or better yet- lick'em sticks! :)

Ariana turns SIX!!

This year Ariana turned six amidst all the Schaugaard clan. We took a trip to Utah to visit Grandma and Papa and all the cousins. Here is a picture of the purrrrrrrrrr-fect cake that Grandma made. It is tradition that the birthday honoree gets to chose the cake shape of choice. Grandma started this tradition with me (Chanin) when I was a child and now we do the same with our kids. Let's see......there was the lady bug, lemon meringue the doll, Raggedy Ann, and I vaguely remember a rainbow cake. Here's to many more years of cakes!

Uncle Justin is great!

Jaren had a blast on Ariana's birthday. I think he was passed around more today than his whole life combined. Thanks Uncle Justin for my first taste of birthday fun. Justin sat and held Jaren for all the festivities while Momma ran around and snapped pictures and cut cake and cleaned up wrapping paper.

Smiles with Pretty Mina

Jaren took a liking to Aunt Minako. They both share a love for Pooh bear and ice cream! Who knew??

Ever the Actress!

The Emporer's New Clothes

Here is Ariana in the center of the stage. She played the Baker, palace worker, and an advisor to the emporer in her first musical at the IKEA performing arts center. She was fabulous! Ask her to sing her "muffin Song" for you the next time you see her.