Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ryan and Ariana's first piano recital

Ryan played first on the program. He is seen here playing "Bridge at Avignon". I was one of those mom's that is so please she can't get the smile off her face. I almost giggled when he finished. Then he got up and took a great big bow (which I didn't expect and I did giggle then). Here is Ariana and her performance of "The Bells of Westminster". She looked absolutely composed and I was thrilled. Afterword she told me, "Mom, I held my breath the whole way through and my fingers were shaking. I think my stomach was sick!" I am glad she did so well and didn't make any mistakes on her first try. She was the one who talked Ryan into being in the recital. It wasn't compulsary, so I am glad she twisted my arm.
And now all the nerves are over and all is well. I think it is funny to note in the pictures that there is a large telephone book on the piano. Guessed its use yet? No, not for small students. Actually it was the teacher when she played along with a student. I got a real kick out of that one!

Jaren's first haircut

.........and AFTER!
Here are three pictures of his new "do". Notice the red frog he ate? I don't know why either, but to those of you that need kids to sit still.....get a red tree frog. Maybe they are slightly poisonous and render the young'uns docile for a few moments. :) It worked for us.

Wouldn't you like to wake up to THIS face?!?!

She is ever perfecting the perfect monkey face. She makes a new one every time I turn on the camera. But--I just had to share this one.

Scout builds own Pinewood Derby!

This is the story of Ryan's first pinewood derby. He had so much fun designing and building his car. I think he learned a lot about what he will do for next year. Read on!

The car is emerging

Ryan and THE SAW

And here he goes! I can't believe that his Daddy is actually letting him do this. They practiced before hand on scrap pieces of wood. Timothy would scribble some pattern into the wood and Ryan had to successfully cut it out before he was allowed to start work on his car. The funny part is that to be at this level --he is standing on a wood pallet to reach the saw table. He is still not grown up!

Serious concentration

This is the look we get while watching Ryan's awe at using a power tool for the first time. I can now say that he is in *love* with the band saw!

We have contact

And here it is with the initial cut. Notice..........the wood is injured and NOT Ryan! Mom stayed out of the shop until it was done. Yikes!

It's finally done

Here it is........#87. He was pretty excited to run the races. He came in second place on his first race and the second two runs, he crashed with other cars. So, after that he lost a wheel and the night went downhill from there. *smile* But he had lots of fun. He won the award for being the ONLY boy to make his car entirely by himself.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Beautiful Babies!

Can you look at this and not melt? I can't believe that it was only a few years ago that we were wondering what our first child would look like. Well, here they are now. I can't imagine a more handsome lot. How did I get so lucky?


We have called her "Nanners" since she was a tiny baby. I don't exactly know where it came from, but it was perpetuated at about 8 months old when we found out she was allergic to bananas. As you can see--she can sure tolerate them now!! She was begging to have her picture taken. How could we resist?

Just don't tell her she has a sticker on her nose!!