Saturday, March 29, 2008

A C-h-i-l-l-y Dog cookout.

And by CHILLY-I don't mean beans. Ryan had to plan, prepare, and serve an outdoor meal for one of his scouting requirements. And in March it was a chilly-cookout.
Ryan decided on the menu. We had chilly dogs....I mean hot dogs, grilled zucchini, potato salad, and dessert. Yum.Holly thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. She would live outside if possible.Ever the actress!The evening even contained live performances by the kids on their scooters. Notice: they are not wearing jackets and it was 41* outside. Brrrrrr.

We were frozen- so we came in for Ryan to serve us dessert. Strawberry shortcake!! I think Ryan likes scouts.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Book of Mormon Hooray!

For a long time we read random passages of scripture to the kids for family scripture time and then discussed them. But a while ago we decided to have the kids read aloud with us. We started at the beginning and worked right through. It seemed like it would take a decade at the pace we were going. It is hard to have little guys sit still, pay attention, and read scripture. But guess what!?!?! Tonight we finished the Book of Mormon as a family for the very first time. The kids shooted "Hooray!" and jumped up and down. It made me so happy to see them excited about doing something good. Maybe we are doing things right afterall? *Big Grin*

Chinese New Year

Ryan's scout troup had their annual blue and gold banquet. Only this year red was the theme! It was themed Chinese New Year and the place was decked out with chinese paper lanterns and dragons that they boys had made. They even made their own fortunes and fortune cookies on the tables.
The parade of dragons!
This was the most ferocious of the breed!
Ryan earned his first bead.
Jaren watches intently-storing away tips and information for how to be as good as his big brother when he gets to be a scout.

Gone to the theatre

I love the theatre. Those of you that know me, you know that I grew up doing plays and singing/acting. I still love the theatre. One of my favorite outings with the kids is called "Storybook Theatre". I'll show you why....... Here is Holly anxiously awaiting the performance. She loves to go and watch. She usually sings the songs for DAYS afterward. But it is fun to remember with her.
This is the storybook that sits in the middle of the stage. It is about 10 feet tall. It actually has pages and they open up to become the scenery for the show. Each page has a different scene and as they move through the story the actors turn the pages to change the background. They wouldn't let me take pics once the show all you get is the front cover. Sorry.
When will it start, Mom?


I took the kids to see Reptile man and it was so cool. I saw a woman sitting in the back of the auditorium who must have been in her late seventies or early eighties. She had no one with her and as far as I can tell she just came to watch. Well, I was there with the kids right on the floor sitting cross legged and taking pictures. I think I had just as much fun as they did.........if not more. So, someday you just may see me (in my seventies) sitting in the auditorium to see Reptile man. What am I going to do when my kids are all grown and I don't have an excuse anymore to go to see the tractors dig up the neighbors yard, or go to watch the Christmas parade, or sit on the floor and watch Reptile man. I guess I'll just have to take the grandkids......and when they get too old-I'll be the little ol' lady that everyone snickers at because she came to see just like the little kids!

We got to see the five most poisonous snakes in the world, a Gila Monster, turtles that had necks as long as an ostrich, a rattlesnake, and alligator that would do tricks (seriously), and all sorts of creepy fun things. Afterward we got to go up and touch the animals. Can I just say, "I touched an alligator!" Yippee-skippee!

Flat Katie goes downtown

Our cousin, Katie Schaugaard, sent us a challenge. She sent herself as a flat picture to us. Her whole class did this to see where they would go. So, we took her to see the space needle in downtown Seattle. Here are the kids taking pictures to send to Katie's class in Utah.
Holly loves Katie!
Ariana misses Katie!
Ryan can't wait to see Katie and Zack at fish lake this summer!! Go flat Katie!

In the tub's tub!

When you leave Jaren to his own devices...........he does his own thing! Here he is in his favorite place in the house. He dumped the whole tub of toys into the TUB and then sits in the tub. Get it. So, he puts the little tub into the big TUB and then gets in. My clever little boy. Tee-hee!

Happy Belated Groundhogs Day!

The kids love traditions and holidays. (I would say it is borderline obsession!) And so, this year we are even celebrating Groundhog day with more than the normal look at the prediction of Punxatawny Phil. He said that we would have six more weeks of winter and he was right. Here it is March 28th and it has snowed the last three days. (in less) We don't ever have snow. Not even for Christmas and then this. Weird!! So, here is a look at our Groundhog cookies. They turned out pretty cute-if I do say so myself. The candy corn are supposed to be their tongues. :) Ariana's first groundhog. She didn't know if she could eat him after how cute he looked peeking out of the ground (or should we say "peanut butter cookie" ?)
We couldn't decide whether the eyes looked cuter sitting up on the top or on the side of the rolo. The above two cookies demonstrate both ways. What do you think?
Here is a closer look. You can click the pics, too, if you want a bigger picture. It is a peanut butter cookie, Rolo sliced in half, candy corn tongue and frosting eyes. Crazy.......aren't we!

Jaren Puddlejumper Mauery

He just couldn't resist taking Holly's boots out for a spin. Afterall, it is rainy season and puddles are plentiful. He was like a duck in water and even came in dry.

Hampster Holly

Holly has been sick too. One afternoon I found her on the couch in the family room sound asleep in a Sunday dress. She looked so cute. I couldn't help but think of the little hampsters all curled up in their cage. She was pretty sick though.

Candle Light

My fireplace was driving me crazy. I have no decorating sense. So, someone suggested putting decorative flowers in it since we don't use it. Well, I don't know what to do with flowers so I thought candles would be pretty.

I thought it turned out really pretty! Thanks for whoever suggested decorating it inside.

Flu Bug

Jaren and I have had the flu this week. Despite having the entire family vaccinated this year, we still managed to get it. But when I looked at this picture that Timothy took and thought of our hours snuggling on the couch-just the two of us-it somehow seemed worth it.

The many faces of Jaren!

We had cheesecake a few weeks ago and Jaren was in heaven. He was so silly and pulled all sorts of faces for the camera as he pigged down his cake.

Ryan's Candy Campfires

Ryan was in charge of the treat idea for our Family Home Evening this week. He wanted to make campfires out of candy. Do you think he is a new cub scout or what?!?!

So, here were our attempts at making our own edible campfires for our Family Home Evening treat. We used the following:

Logs-tootsie rolls


kindling-chow mein noodles

fire-candy corn

rocks for the fire ring-peanuts

dirt-hot cocoa powder

It turned out to be a smokin' success. I found the link below afterward and Ryan must have seen it sometime. He did a good job planning and helping us have a great family night.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If looks could kill!

I looked through the photos that Timothy took and I came across this doozy! I was stirring some homemade jam and he came in and caught me off guard. I looked up just as the flash was blinding me. It looks like I am rolling my eyes and scoffing at him. We got a good laugh out of it and he says he'll save it for the tabloids when they need a picture of me looking mad or accusing.

It's Springtime!

It is Springtime and Jaren is thrilled to start playing outside each day. Here he is discovering the tricycle. It has been so fun to watch him explore the outside world. Afterall, this time last year he hardly knew what his legs were.

Ryan's first baking lesson

And here is the first batch. He used a scoop to make them all exactly the same size. (Just like Ryan, huh!)

And in they go. When he was done he came out with exactly four dozen cookies and was so proud. I don't think I have ever come out with exactly what they recipe says. They were oatmeal butterscotch and gone in a flash.

Holly's Dora cake

Holly wanted nothing but a "Dora Cake" and she wanted all his friends on it, too. This was my attempt at a treasure map showing Dora's travels to the birthday party. It turned out scrumptious. If you click on the picture of the cake, you can see it better!