Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hair, horses, and happy kids!

We took a fieldtrip with Holly's preschool class. It was "B" week. So, the theme today was B-for barn. The kids got to learn all about horses and what they eat. They got to brush them and learned how to care for their hooves and horseshoes. Then the highlight of the outing.......a ride on the horse!
Ariana got up and was dressed in her "cowgirl" attire by about 7AM. I think she was a little bit excited. She told me, "I think I'll call this my 'riding' outfit. What do ya think?" I laughed. Here Jaren's mouth is full of carrot. He decided to feed the carrots to himself.
Brushing Sam or was it Pete? He's a miniature.

Mosey, below, is 22 years old. This is the ol' girl they got to ride.
Mosey went into the riding arena and got all warmed up. She did a few kicks and bucks and I thought, "Wait, are my kids really going to ride a horse who does that?" But Ryan climbed on first and had a fine ride. Brave boy!
Happy Holly, Hairy Horsie!

What a fun day! Thank you Sister Houser!

Fully Loaded!

If you are interested in an easy child.......this one is for you. He comes fully loaded. Not one, but two bottles,a pacifier, cute pajamas, and a teddy bear to stow away in your shirt 'till needed. This one is ready for a rock-a-bye and a bedtime story. No prep needed.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bear Nap

Jaren has decided that he loves this little teddy bear. He named it "baby" and takes it wherever we let him. Jaren is particularly fond of belly buttons and this little bear has one. Jaren will push your belly button and ask you to say "deet" meaning "beep". So, when he discoverd that he could "deet" his favorite toy, it was love all over again. I loved this picture because his own little belly button is stickin' out under his shirt. "DEET!"

Pretty girls!

A visit from Grandma always goes too fast. Thanks for coming to visit, Mom. We had a great time. This is Holly's new outfit from Grandma. There story behind it.......
Holly wore this outfit the day before this photo. She spilled something on the front at dinner and I told her to put it in her hamper and I would wash it. She interpreted that to mean-"hide it in my closet and then wear it the next day with the shirt on backwards. My hair covers the spot and no one will know."
We got a good laugh. She loves the shorts, Mom!

The moss man cometh

Here in Washington we have a bit of wet weather. (understatement) And so the moss grows everywhere. (again with the understatement) Notice where the moss grew on our walk home from the beach?

Wheezin' to the music

Well it seems to have been the asthma bug again. Jaren had a few treatments before he finally went to bed and slept. He has one of those nebulizer machines that blows the medicine out and he inhales it. He is supposed to wear a mask, but he won't have anything to do with it. So, we use the mouthpiece and he actually does pretty well. ( long as baby einstien is playing to distract him.) So, today he did a lot better.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pulling my hair out!

For some reason Jaren is not himself lately. It seems to be that way whenever we have something planned. Mom was here this last week and all Jaren did was cry. Today I have had ten+ hours of it. He has no fever, but he certainly isn't himself. Is he teething? Do you take them in? That is always my question. always happens over the weekend. AAaaaargh! I'm pulling my hair out!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life's a Beach!

We took a trip to the beach while Mom was here visiting. The weather was so nice. It has been in the 40-50's lately. But Saturday surprised us with a day in the 80's.
Jaren loved the mud. Can I say that again? JAREN LOVED THE MUD!
We all took turns wading in the freezing water. Well, it wasn't actually freezing, but probably only about 10 degrees above freezing. made my legs burn!
And even in fridgid water, the kids decided to go all in.

There was a bit of mud-flinging.
Holly Knievel

I had to bribe Holly with some lunch and a "secret" in the car to get her out of the water.
All in all, it was a great day.

Critters at the beach

We weren't the only critters at the beach. See if you can spot them all. There is a crab, a clam sticking itself slightly out of the water, a clam squirting at Timothy, various shelled creatures, and even a seal way off in the distance.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter picnic

We went to the park with our friends- the Prestwich and the Redford families for an Easter egg hunt and a picnic. The wind blew the food over and it was freezing, but we had a good time. Here is a picture of each of our girls. Lucy-Taylor-Holly

Deck the Halls!

For each holiday I let the kids decorate the hallway with things they have colored/painted/cut out, etc. Usually by the time the holiday arrives our house looks pretty festive. I found this particular piece of art at the end of the hallway by Ryan's room. He created this for Valentine's Day. Enjoy! :)

The picture is not really good, but the gentleman's eyes are hearts. Cute......I got a good laugh each time I walked past it.