Thursday, July 24, 2008

The things I find on the table!

Today I found this funny little picture on the table. Not every 8 year-old has this funny kind of talent. Notice the expressions on the faces of these musicians. I love the fun effect of their various hair heights. Also, I might guess their music is not the flowing type. Thanks, Ryan, for the laugh today. (As a side note-Ryan's favorite music is orchestral, so this picture was quite fun to find.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wildlife along the way

Here are a few picture of the wildlife we saw on our trip to Glacier. Timothy was pretty fast to get the picture of this little guy coming out of his hole. He was cute!

These horses run wild in the park. Actually, I took this picture while we were in Blackfeet territory. They were eating and I thought the kids would like the picture of the baby with his mother.
There is no animal in this picture? No, but you can see the sign of the beaver in the right hand corner. If you click on the picture you can see his teethmarks where he gnawed the tree down. Not too far from this spot we saw his den. I was sad I didn't take a picture of it.
A moose had come through on our hike to Running Eagle falls. Here is his evidence! Did I just put that on my blog?!?!?! How can something as big as a moose, make something so small? Just a thought.We saw a bunch of mountain goats on the cliffs behind the chalet in Two Medicine Valley. This is a close up view. I didn't get a picture of them on the rocky cliffs, but they sure can climb.As we were leaving Many Glacier Hotel there were a bunch of people on the side of the road. We pulled over and asked if they had seen a bear. (We were hoping the whole time to see a grizzly. Just not up close.) Alas, it was not a grizzly, but a herd of big horn sheep. They were just sitting there beside the road. Not afraid at all. They certainly are pretty.

And on the train we saw a bald eagle on the ground drinking from a stream.

Honeymoon at age 10!

So, I realized after a few comments that there are some of you who didn't know why we were taking this trip as a Honeymoon. When we were married ten years ago, it was in a whirlwind. Timothy and I met and decided to get married right away. He was graduating from BYU and leaving to get a Master's Degree from The George Washington University in Washington DC. He would be attending their satelite campus in Virginia a few miles south. This was located at the NASA Langley Research center. So, we got married and *BOOM* moved to Virginia in our tiny car. We pulled what little we had in the below pictured, tiny, 3X4 trailer. We were off to find a place to live in VA. This meant (sad face)......... no honeymoon. So, now our marriage is ten years mature and we finally got to take a trip to celebrate. So, there you have it. Check out the silly picture of us below (ten years younger)........ and on with the story!

Below: Here we are ready to embark on the train to Glacier Park, ten years later. I took this picture of a very handsome young man waiting to get on the train. I caught him looking my way and snapped a quick pic!
We left at dinnertime and arrive at Glacier the next morning right after we had finished breakfast. It was nice timing. Next is a picture of the station at Glacier park. It was quaint and the lodge had driver's waiting to pick you up in their vintage red 1936 "White's".

But we chose to take the walk from the station to the lodge. You can see it is beautiful. We wanted to take a few pictures of the walk up to the resort. And besides, we got to ride in the neat old cars a little bit later.

The poppies were just blooming and their blooms paved the way from the station all the way over to Glacier Park lodge. It was windy and I think people watching thought we were crazy for walking when somebody was there waiting to chaffeur us to our rooms. But what else did we have to do until check in? As we came up the walk a man stepped out the doors and raised the flag and sang the national anthem. His huge voice echoed all over the mountains and gave me goosebumps. It was well worth the walk.

Here is a picture when you walk into the Hotel. It was made in 1913 and constructed from Douglas Fir trees with their bark still intact. They amazed me. I wish this picture did them justice. Just imagine that these trees are four stories tall. These pictures were taken from the second story, so you can imagine how it is to stand on the ground level and look up-clear to the tippy top!

I asked Timothy to take this next picture. Look at the way they made the trees look like Roman Columns at the top. I loved this place!
We checked in to our suite. I don't think I have ever stayed any place nicer. We actually had a living room, a HUGE bath, and a bedroom full of windows with gorgeous views. Here is the view from a couple of the windows..

The next morning we started our site-seeing. We took one of those vintage 1936 "White's" for a tour of the park. The company that used to make them was called White. But the vehicles have always been bright red to match the color of the wildflowers called "fireweed" that grow there. The tour in said car was one of the highlights of our trip. Here is a picture of us in it. It is actually made of wood and it creaks and cracks when you drive around. It was so much fun. Too bad they don't make 'em like this anymore.

This area below was our first stop. This mountain behind us is called Sinopah. It is named after an indian woman who belonged to the Blackfeet tribe. We got to hear all sorts of stories and legends of the Blackfeet. (Yes, I typed that right. They are Blackfeet, not Blackfoot indians.) This place is called Two Medicine Valley. Here is another picture of it. You really must click on it to get its full effect. It is so beautiful!

I felt like this was heaven on earth. I didn't want to leave. It was so pretty here. The lake was like glass. There were two indian tribes that use to come here for their religious ceremonies. Thus, it was named "Two Medicine" because each tribe has their own medicine man. Our guide told us that this place draws people in and they don't want to leave. He said many people think it is because of its spiritual nature. He shared with us a poem about nature's beauty being the voice of God. I wish I knew that poem.

Next, we went up to this mountain. Pictured below is Looking Glass mountain. What a view! The lake is Two Medicine lake from a different angle. We are planning to take the kids back and go to Two Medicine Valley. We can take a boat through the back side of this lake into those mountains. Behind them is another lake to explore called "Upper Two medicine". I can't wait till we can go again and explore some more. Down in this valley there is one of the original Chalets that were built in the early 1900's to draw tourists to "America's Alps". This Chalet pictured is one that Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed at to give one of his Fireside Chats. We got to go inside and see the huge fireplace where he gave his address. It certainly looks like the Alps when you are there looking up at these mountains.

Right before this stop we took a hike up to Running Eagle falls. I must comment on the rocks and pebbles that we saw. Here is a picture of the falls and the river.

Notice what color the rocks are.

I know it is kind of hard to tell, but all the rocks and pebbles are red and green. I asked a guide if they brought all the pretty rocks in to pave the trails we were walking on. (In my defense, I hadn't seen the riverbed yet.) He smiled and explained to me that it is called Argulite and that is what the mountains are made of. In the water above you can see the pretty red and mint green of the stones. As I looked around I realized the river bed, the mountains, the trails, the roadsides, and everywhere were made of these stones. Boy, I felt SHEEPISH!The next stop for us was Many Glacier Hotel. This is the place we fell in love with and we want to bring the kids back to stay there. The Hotel looks across Many Glacier lake to about 5 of the largest mountains and glaciers in the park. The resort is beautiful and you can imagine the view at sunrise in the morning. Timothy took this picture looking away from said mountains, so unfortunately you can't see them and the glaciers that I am speaking of. You'll just have to visit Many Glacier to see for yourself! But you can see how wonderful the Hotel is. Gorgeous! Looks like it belongs in the Alps. I couldn't get it to zoom the picture. Click on it to see the beautiful architecture.Last but not least was a trip to see Wild Goose Island. This is the most photographed part of the National Park. Most people think of this picture when you mention Glacier Park.

And here we are with the island behind us. It is legend that it got its name because an indian maiden fell in love with an young indian of another tribe. They met one night when she saw him on this island and swam out to meet him. They were reprimanded for going out to see each other because the water is so deep and cold. They were from different tribes and they were told never to see each other again. The young maiden decided she would go one more time to see her love. They met at the island and were never heard of again. As their families searched for them the next morning, they saw two wild geese fly into the sky from the island. Sweet story to hear on a honeymoon. :)
The most beautiful part of the park was not for us to see. I had anticipated the "Going-to-the -sun-road" for a long time before we got there. It is actually a road carved right into the mountain. The water that comes off the mountain cascades down the side of the cliffs and across the road. They call it the "Weeping Wall". But when we got there, this is what we saw.........................Road closed. The snow and avalanche watch had not yet been lifted. Can you believe this is JUNE!


I guess we will really have to go back again with the kids so we can see the Going-to-the-Sun-road and the weeping wall and go across Logan's Pass. I guess I should get busy planning, huh!

All in all we had a lot of fun. It was gorgeous and we had lots of time for fun and happy memories. Thank you, Timothy, I look forward to many more celebrations of our life together!! I loved this trip mostly because I was there with you. Wasn't it so much fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Glacier National Park

Okay, I am finally back and at the computer. I can't believe it took me this long to start getting it all down. So, here goes. I'll post a bit about all the things we've done this summer. But a few pics at a time. So....stay tuned.

This is a picture of the train station in Downtown Seattle. We embarked on our journey here. It had all the glamour of yesterday. I loved the lights and all the ornate "stuff" on the walls. They are in the middle of renovating their 60 foot ceilings. It's gonna be beautiful.

Here is our train. It was fun to feel the train sway and it was so smooth. I was surprised it didn't lurch or jump when it started and stopped. We loved our trips to the dining car and the neat people we were seated with. We actually made some good friends the first night at dinner. They were going to the same place we were and we hooked up with them a few times at the resort for activities. Were on our way and the scenery is gorgeous!
This is one of the train stations we pulled into on the way. This is Whitefish, Montana. Georgeous station. I loved the architecture.