Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Monk"ing Around!

Today I was bathing Holly and Jaren. It had been a messy day (read- Jaren and chocolate in the shopping cart) and he needed a good scrub. When I got the two clean this is what I found in the living room:

Windows blacked-out with couch cushions and diapers stuffed in the holes to make sure it is extra dark....................

And the two older kids doing their schoolwork by the candles in the fireplace.

Upon asking them what they were doing, their reply was this:

"Mom, the monks and scribes wrote everything by candlelight and they did really good work."

We are learning about medieval times in history this year and they just learned about Canterbury and the monks. However, they are NOT doing was spelling. So, they must be learning something. *happy mom moment*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

True Hero

Yesterday morning I finished This book:

Three Cups of Tea makes my list of all time favorite books. This man is a hero:

Then in the evening, I attended a "Meet the Author" event hosted by King County Library System to listen to an update of Greg Mortenson's work and to watch a slide show. It was amazing. I even had the patience to wait in the line to have my book signed. I'm almost there!
If you read nothing else this year...........READ THIS BOOK!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Funnies and giggles

Timer on the oven: "Beep, beep, beep"

Mom: "Who set the timer?"

Ariana: (in the distance) "Me!"

Mom: "Why? Do you want me to leave it on or turn it off?"

Ariana: "You can turn it off.....I am in the bathroom soaking my Manicles."

Mom: "Your what?"

Ariana: "My Manicles. It takes five minutes in hot water before I can push them back. Then will you paint my nails?"

I guess she squeezed MANicure and cutICLES together and made up her own word. I was in stitches.

IQ Test Anyone?

I got the IQ link below from my uber-smart sister-in-law and it looked very intimidating. Then I got curious and took the quiz anyway. Jaren was screaming and turning the monitor on,off,on,off,on,off, ON and that's enough! Ryan was poking my shoulder and asking me to find his bike in the neighbors yard. The girls wanted me to play a game or call the neighbors since they were now home from school. (big sigh....) Despite the distractions, I did rather well. I may be a mom, but I can still be clever some of the time. *wink*

IQ Test - IQ Test

There are still a few that haven't seen my face!

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