Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I survived! (my worst day ever!)

It's Veteran's Day and I have dubbed myself a veteran. "A veteran of what?" you may ask. A veteran of TODAY. I survived THIS DAY! Let me explain:

This week I have 4 sick kids. Not to mention I don't feel so hot myself. The kids are grouchy and irritable and to put it politely......they are sick in both "ends".

So, here is my list of things I have survived this week. (Note: it is only Tuesday!)

1-Jaren has thrown up or .......... on all of his bedding in the last 24 hours. And this kid has a lot of bedding!

2-I have done 14 loads of laundry since yesterday. (No, 14 is NOT an exaggeration. I am still counting and two more should be done tonight. I was thinking all day, "Wow, that washer and dryer have run non-stop for two days. I hope the dryer doesn't go out.")

3-At the dinner table tonight:

Timothy: "Does that sound like water on the floor in the laundry room?"

Me: "No!"

Timothy: "It sounds pretty loud to be just the washer."

Me: "No, no, no, no" as I am running behind him.

Yep, you guessed it. The washer flooded. We walked into the bathroom/laundry room and there was at least 1/2 inch of water covering the floor and more spilling over as we stood there and running into the family room.

So, I'll continue my list:

4-I continue my washing now that the problem is fixed..........we used EVERY towel in the house to dry up the floor. So, those got thrown in to start washing some more. Meanwhile, Timothy got out the shopvac to suck up more water.

5-We moved the washer and dryer to clean the water up from underneath. (Does your dryer get lint under it? Mine does.....we usually clean all the lint out of the inside and move it to clean under it every six months. We do this at conference time. It just helps us remember. Do you think that we remembered to clean under the dryer this conference?)

6-Have you ever seen wet lint?

7-All the kids are finally in bed.

8-What's next?

Friday, November 7, 2008


My friend Anne's little boy was over to play with Jaren today. I heard them giggling and screaming in the kitchen. I had to get a video. They had taken the lid off the tank of goldfish. One of them would dip the very end of their finger into the bowl and then yank it out. The other would scream and clap for them. It was hilarious. They were so brave to touch the scary fishies!
Watch the's too cute.


Ryan intended to be a private investigator for Halloween. As you can see, he altered the costume a bit. His fedora is a little battered for all the play and wear, so he painted on a beard, smeared cocoa powder on his clothes to look dirty, made a satchel for his shoulder and (Voila!) he transformed into a Hobo. (or a bum, rather!) I guess boys will be boys. Of course, a rootbeer bottle found its way into his costume. I didn't allow it to go out with us, but it seems to be in all the pictures. Aaargh!

"Mom, do you think bums shop at Target? Or should I get a Walmart bag?"
We had a fun year. We even went to the pumpkin patch all dress up. I'll leave that for another post. Hope you coming holidays "treat" you well!

Eek! Those beady little eyes! mousie! (Jaren's words for "I'm a mouse!") CHEESE!! (Pun intended :)

Ooohhhhhh! Look tail flopped at the end.

I made this costume years ago for Ariana and it has been passed down ever since. So, I guess the tradition continues. That would put him the right size next year for the elephant!

His favorite part was the tail. He carried it around like this all night. Cute little guy!

Sleepy Doll

Our little Aurora. She's been telling us that she would be Aurora for Halloween ever since we put her to bed last Halloween night. And just by coincidence........this was the only costume left when we found one for her and just in the right size, too. It must be fate. Isn't she dazzling! This is my crown for the Miss (Hometown) pageant I was in. It was fun to see her wear it.
I learned how to curl hair with a flat iron (of all things) and look at the fun results. We'll be using that one more often!


I loved the looks Ariana gave her daddy when he was getting a few pictures of her in costume.
First Flying lessons!Nice attitude!
She purposedly didn't brush her hair all day and even tried to tangle it so it would look rough. But somehow in the pictures, it just doesn't pick up how bad it really looked!