Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the Jungle......

In Seattle, groovy Seattle
"The Lion King's" tonight!
In Seattle, noisy Seattle,
"The Lion King's" tonight.
Ahweeeeeee......eee.....eee....eeee...eee...eeee......dum.......duum........daway! As most of you already know, Timothy and I have the same birthday. So, this year I decided to have a whiz-bang celebration for our big day. I bought tickets to see Disney's Broadway production of "The Lion King" last Fall and squirreled them away until Christmas. Then I let them be unwrapped so we could await the big day in February. It was a rip "roaring" show! We actually went the night before our birthday to save the cake and ice cream for the real day. Holly was beside herself with anticipation. She wanted to see the animals, watch the dancers, and hear the orchestra. Somehow, my kids have never seen the animated movie Disney made and I looked for it beforehand....but wouldn't you know it-it's in the vault!So, we read the book and listened to the music so the kids knew the story and wouldn't be surprised by any of the sad scenes or scary, hideous hyenas. We arrived at the beautiful Paramount Theater all dressed and ready for a wonderful evening. The theater was gorgeous. There were signs up noting that cameras were unlawful in the theater. I wasn't sure if it meant during the play or in the theater altogether. So I only took a few quick shots inside feeling rather guilty. In my haste, I didn't realize how poor the pictures turned out. Sorry, you'll just have to imagine the theater's grandeur.We took the oldest three to the show with us. We figured that would be plenty of wiggles between them. I think age five and up is perfect. So, Holly was double-y excited that she just turned five!
And here's a huge THANK YOU! to Anne for babysitting so we could go. Anne-you're the best!

Here are a few of our favorite scenes and characters. (These are NOT my pictures. I followed the no camera rule. These are professional photos of the show. What?!?!? You can't tell the difference? :)

Rafiki- the old Mandril speaks in three languages during the show: Swahili, Zulu, and Xhosa (sounds like Klosa with a click of the tongue on the first syllable.)
I got a kick out of hearing her rant-and-rave in Xhosa. Those clicks and clacks could keep me entertained for hours. I actually came home and looked up videos on youtube to hear people speak in Xhosa just to get an extra dose of the fun!

The opening number was "The Circle of Life". The animals walked down the aisles and onto the stage. I knew this would happen when I purchased our tickets and I made sure I got the very end seats. Ariana happened to be on the very,very end. When the big elephant, puppeted by four! people, came down the aisle by her, it caught her dress and she was WIDE-EYED for sure. I should have warned her before hand. She was all smiles though. I personally loved the giraffes. Can you see the humans inside?

King Mufasa, Rafiki, baby Simba, Sarabi

Baby Simba is presented as the new prince.

The puppets were amazing! I loved the leaping gazelles and rhinos.

The kids loved the zebra's galloping.

Then entered the "pride" of lions and the Oh-so-evil Scar.

Scar sees to the demise of King Mufasa and young Simba runs away.

Simba grows up while he is away in the Jungle.
He meets Timon and Pumbaa. They were the hit of the show. Holly told me, "Mom, my favorite was that bull-hog!" She meant the warthog, I'm sure. :) Hakuna Matata!

Nala finds Simba and encourages him to come home and defeat his uncle, Scar.

The true Lion King returns and the circle of life begins anew with the birth of Simba and Nala's new lion cub. The play ends just as it began-- on Pride Rock with Rafiki presenting the new cub to the animals.

A few smiles I caught after the show on the way to the car. (We had to park far, far away. Nice night to don my "cute- little- red- heels".

The kids came home exhausted. Here they are getting ready for scriptures and family prayer. It was almost midnight but Ariana was still thrilled and wide awake.

Ryan was fading quickly and wanted mom to put the camera away.

And last of all, here is an awesome video that has a collection of scenes from the play. You can see the huge elephant that "caught" Ariana's attention. It is about 30 seconds into it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our funny Jaren/dinner funnies!

Jaren had a bad day today. He has bouts of asthma that bring on the seal cough. But he is a trooper. We pull out the "puffer machine" (aka nebulizer) and he is a pro at medicating himself. Don't even try to help him. "I can DO IT, MOM!" Silly Jaren. I love you!

A recent conversation at the dinner table:

Mom: "Jaren, why are you spreading peas on the table?"
Jaren: "Umm.......I don't know?"
Mom: "Well, maybe you should eat them. Okay?"
Jaren: "Okay."
Mom:" So then, where are you going to put them now?"
Jaren: "In my hole."

Tee hee. And it was just that simple. You funny boy!

Heart Day Extravaganza

Happy Valentine's Day. I love to celebrate heart-day. Here is our little family breakfast. The boys are arranging the mini-muffins into a heart for display. Nice job boys! We love the mini heart muffin pan. Too bad it only comes out once a year.Next comes the heart-shaped fried eggs. Sunny side-up or over-easy? Anyone?And then the BIG, heart muffins to top it all off. Yay for the heart shaped muffin pan we got for our wedding. This one is a beast to clean, so only comes out once a year.And there you have our traditional family Valentine's Day breakfast. In my excitement I might have been up a little early. Even the Kidd-o's look a little sleepy still.Happy-heart, Holly!Add in a little Sweet-n-Sour Jaren. (He wanted the "I Heart U" ketchup on his muffins and NOT ON HIS EGG. Yes, we gave in. Afterall, he is the one eating it.

And top it off with a little love from Ryan.

Hope your day was a SWEET as ours. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday!

In Holly's own words, "I'm a whole handful!" By this she doesn't mean she is a hard child or a "handful" for her mother. (And she is most certainly NOT.) She means she is finally 5-a whole handful of fingers!The "birthday snake". It is doughnuts halved and laid out in a snaky pattern with strawberry scales. Holly made sure he had blue eyes just like she has. Check out the size of the strawberry we used for the snake's head. YUM! This was Holly's breakfast choice. Mmmm. A little birthday glee on Holly's face. Time for presents!
A little, do, do


Holly had to have a princess castle cake. It turned out way better than I thought it would. Looking at the picture in the instructions gave me hysterics. But in the end it was lots of fun.

Are you done singing? Can I blow them out now?

And a wink from the birthday girl herself-just for luck.