Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The sun was shining so nice and bright the other day. It was just a little bit too nippy to go to the park. So instead, we took a drive.

We went looking for these:

It was so much fun to look at the pink and purple popcorn trees that we decided

to celebrate spring with our own form of Pink Popcorn (click me).

Doesn't it look just like the tree?

Holly loves sticky!

Even daddy (who doesn't like sticky) and prefers this type of popcorn, snitched a few bites.

The picture below was not staged. But it is hilarious. They are all mid-bite and gorging themselves. Both the girls are in heaven and Ryan looks like the deer in the headlights.

Happy kids and Happy Spring!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Heaven for Chanin:

Long line at the grocery store with four kids......
Long wait at the doc's office with four kids.......
Long day on my feet......

.............And someone suddenly breaks out into "The Sound of Music" and everyone joins in with perfect voices and choreographed moves:

By the way, if there was one person on earth I could meet, it would probably be Julie Andrews. There would be a few catches though:

1-she must to be dressed in her cast-off dress from the other new "sister" at the abbey and the ridiculous hat.

2-she would have to sing everything to me instead of talk.

3-she would have to wrap ME up in a cuddly nightgown and sing of thunderstorms.

4-I would call her only "Maria" and ask if I could play with the puppet stage.

5-she would bring her guitar!

P.S. If I had been in Central Station that day....I would have danced right along. Wouldn't you?