Monday, June 29, 2009

Chanin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Yesterday, a couple friends and I were talking about the blogging world. It seems like you only get to read the blissfully bloggable bits about our families. Blogging certainly has a way of sugar-coating life. It made me laugh to think about it. I certainly don't blog about the tired or cranky days. So, in good humors to our conversation, I offer the following horrible post:

Have you ever read this darling book?

If not, I strongly suggest you check it out and read it. (Or hear You will know exactly the kind of day that Alexander is talking about. Well, I had one of those days last week.

In an effort to make this a speedy post, (which this day WASN'T), I will post the events in list form:

1-Woke up with a serious headache. It must have been an omen.
2- Jaren soaked through his diaper and I had to change his bed. Boy howdy! A headache makes everything seem worse.
3-Holly was so excited for Ballet camp that she got ready BEFORE breakfast and spilled on her uniform.
4-Ryan was getting ready for his 11:00 bike ride with the scouts and found that his helmet was falling apart. (Literally!)
5-Fixed helmet, sorta, and rushed out to the van to get him to the trail on time.
6-Got all the kids in car seats, turned the key, no start. WHAT?
7-Holly, in her excitement for ballet, went to the van after breakfast to wait. (Four hours early) She turned head lights, cabin lights, and automatic door on.
8-Car dead
9-Sweet friend came to the rescue and helped me jump start the van.
10-Knowing that this day is terrible, you must know that the van WOULDN'T Jump start.
11-Above said Sweet Friend took Ryan and his bike(and broken helmet....I know I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mother) to the drop off point but found there were no scouts. She kindly drove him to the half-way point where the others were having lunch and he at least got to ride the second leg back with them.
12-In the meantime, I was at home. I called hubby home and he helped get the van going. Phew. That was one dead battery! (speaking of dead.....keep reading...)
13-I rushed Holly to ballet. She was late and I forgot to bring Jaren's lunch. (We usually eat lunch on the grass while we wait for Holly's class to be done.)
14-Jaren was not a happy camper, so I wound-up buying junk from a snack machine to tide over his grumbling tummy.
15-We got home and spent the afternoon unwinding. Do you blame me?
16-Timothy got home and asked, "So, did you get the "you-know-what" for Ariana's birthday tomorrow?"
17-RATS! I knew there was something else I should have been doing instead of unwinding. I forgot that tomorrow was Ariana's birthday. I thought I had ONE MORE DAY.
18-I rushed through a horribly forgettable meal. (Sorry, Fam!) Then headed to a town-very-far-south-of-us (FW) to get the "you-know-what" for Ariana's birthday.
19-Bought the bike (I mean the "You-know-what") and started for the car.
20-Found that they had charged me the wrong price. Why didn't I check first?
21 Aargh! Can this day get worse?
22-Oh, YES!!!!
23-Went back to ask for a refund on the overcharge.
24-It was now after 10PM and consequently there was no one at customer service.
25-I would have to come back another day. (What? Clear to FW?)
26-Found someone quite reluctant to help me anyway. Yay, got the refund! (small glimmer of hope)
27-Headed home and had one of those weird feelings that I should not take the windy, curvy road that leads up to our house. Especially since it was 11PM and the windy road gets kind of scary.
28-I then opted for the busy road that passes by our house. This should be the sign of smooth sailing, right? I mean I followed a prompting, right?
29-And here is the kicker..............................
30-An owl swooped down out of the blackness and smashed head on into my roof-rack. (Startling, frightening, scary, ewwww, yuck!)

So, there you have it. That wasn't sugar coated. Although, it wasn't usual either. I am glad THAT day is over. Timothy was kind enough to remove the carnage that was stuck on my van and I am incredibly grateful to my helpful friend. Thanks, B!

So, tell us about your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

So happy I'll BURST!

Look, balloons!!
Happy 11th Anniversary, to us!!
I decided to give Timothy eleven balloons in a bouquet this year. One balloon for each year. But up on top of each balloon is a list of memories from each of the 11 years. (He should be on his way home from work, so this won't spoil the surprise.)
Here are a few samples of "balloon years" together.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brace Face--ERASE!

Check out this cute smile.......This is my little Ryan with his curly head of red hair and NO TEETH! Our Ryan has had teeth related stress for most of his little life. Let me explain:

He was almost a year old before he got his first tooth to come in.

Then sadly, he was in his third year of school before he lost his first tooth. Don't kids usually start loosing them in kindergarten? Boy, was he bummed when his little sister and best friend were losing teeth before him.

One fateful night the first loss finally occured. He was so thrilled! I thought we'd never get him to sleep. He lost the 2nd tooth the very next day during lunch at school. They were making up for lost time!So many losses and then so FEW teeth coming back in their place. Aaargh. The dentist ordered Ryan to serve the first of several "orthodontic sentences" at the ORTHODONTIST. What poorly behaved teeth were these new, BIG, and unruly teeth! The bottom two permanent teeth actually came in on the side where his canine should be. It didn't take out his canine, but rather pushed it to the front of his mouth. Poor kid and his teeth!
You can see in the above picture that his front two teeth came in and took out FOUR teeth in their wake. Then he had NO teeth come in on their sides. This was two years ago and he still doesn't have those other two teeth.
The picture below is Ryan with a fixed smile!! Yay, for braces. His front two teeth have been through obedience school and are now getting along together nicely! In fact they are doing so well, the Doc said it is time for his first "orthodontic sentence" to be complete. Braces are coming off today!
"Mom, take one more look. 'Cause that is the last you'll see of these babies!"Here is the staff at our orthodontist's office singing in celebration. Yay, Ryan! We are glad that you have few teeth troubles now.
Cute smile, huh? Now his next assignment from the Doc is to grow some teeth to fill in the sides. He's working on it!