Saturday, September 19, 2009

Riparian awakening

Today I was awakened to some unusually clanking in the kitchen. Then it was followed by this cute thing.........
Apparently, my children have incredible memories. They have waited all year for today-Sept. 19th-because it is "Interational talk like a Pirate Day". I had no idea. They say they read about it on a game they play. Aaaarrrgh! Beats me. I woke up to this surprise...

They were up early and clanking around. I thought, "Hmm..maybe they will do a breakfast-in-bed surprise." Those are know to happen occasionally.

Ariana was the brains behind the scheme. She had paper plates cut out and taped to the windows and doors by 6:30AM. They were the "portholes" of our ship. "She were a beautiful ship, she were!"
Here be my main little waif--she be showin' ye the sailboat toast that the kids crafted. They said they used a cookie cutter. So, cute.

Here they be in detail, Mateys.

I guess we need a few eye patches and some Pirate grub for dinner. Got any good pirate fodder ideas?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

best friends

Jaren: Mom, can I watch Caillou on the big TV?

Me: No, Jaren, we have other things to do right now.

Jaren: Oh.


Jaren: Mom, Caillou is my BEST friend.

Me: That is nice. He would like that.

Jaren: But Mom, he is not IN my house.

Me: Nope, he is on the TV.

Jaren: Can you get him to come to my house?

Me: No, he isn't real. He is just on the tv.

Jaren: Yeah, so can you turn him on so I can see him?

Kids start to outsmart you when the are so very young. :)