Monday, October 26, 2009


My kids said some pretty funny things this weekend. Here are a few:


Ariana: Mom, I wish I could live on the ceiling.
Me: Why?
Ariana: Because the ceiling is always empty. I never have to pick it up. I could run and skate on it. Why doesn't the floor stay like that?
Hmm........why doesn't the floor stay like that? Kids, maybe?

Sitting with Jaren on my lap:
Me: *Kissed his little face one too many times*
Jaren: Momma, stop kissing me. Why do you need so much-of kisses?
Me: Sorry, you are so cute that I guess I forget how many I gave you.
In the meantime, Jaren is sitting on my lap and chewing on the microphone to his leappad.

Me: Jaren, don't put your mouth on that. If it gets wet inside, it will break.
Jaren: Okay, mom.

Me: Thanks- *kiss*
Jaren: (Sarcastically) Mommmmmmmm.......if you put your mouth on me, I will get wet and I might break!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ye scurvy "dogs".........

What to do when there are more buns than hotdogs-
Take your hotdog bun of choice.Add tuna fish- mixed up anyway you like it.

Add the "not" dog. (translation= pickle.)

Ta-da! Now what to call this fishy-dish? Here are the brainstorm ideas the kids came up with:

Ye scurvy dogs-(pirate insult-and they did take pickles on board their ships to ward off scurvy! This one was Ryan's idea and I thought it was particularly clever.)
Salty dogs-(name they call old sailors, but in this case the hotdogs are rather "salty" and "fishy".)
Notdogs-('cause their :)

( better get on the ball, brother, or little sis is gonna beat you to it!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lost and Found....

......are these pictures of Holly. I didn't remember I had these till I was going through pictures today. She loves to help. I think it is the Mommy-time that she loves. I think she sawed on that celery for 20 minutes till it was all in the salad. Then she went on to bell peppers. Sometimes, I just want to put a rock on their heads to stop their growing. I love them being little!

That's all folks. I'm gonna go find those little cheeks of hers and kiss them!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Helpin' Daddy..........

Jaren couldn't help but get in on the fun. They were covering up the water main after the plumber was here early this morning. He loved the big truck, too!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

a little Saturday project

Wow, do I have kids old enough to sew? I guess I do. Here is Ariana intently working on the hem of her pillow case.
They each got to pick out their own choice of fabric. They made cool choices!

Ariana got the hang of it really fast. She loves to do anything creative.

The moment of truth.......turning in right-side-out for the first time.

Inspecting her stitches. Perfect!

The girls both chose Strawberry Shortcake. Ahh, girls after my own heart!!!

Sister Snuggles

Now it is brother's turn!

Ryan was all business! Zoom, Zoom ->->->->->and he was done. I tell ya, I didn't know boys could be so good at sewing. I guess a sewing machine is still a machine!
And this boy IS good with machines.

" See, Mom! I told ya I would be good at this. Now can I got back to the computer?"

Not before mom gets some pictures of her boys.

Brother Bundles!

And of course........what would it be without a little pillow-fight!

Jaren will be bigger than you someday, Ryan!! Look at those smiles!I think he has you now! And Mom calls a time out. Let's go have some muffins............anyone? That'll get their attention.
So, that is one way we like to spend our Saturdays. What do you do for fun?