Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Lord knows

(Elder Henry B. Eyring)
(Don't you just love this picture of him? What a wonderful man!)

Have you ever had the feeling the Lord sent a message straight from heaven to the lips of another person, just for you? That is how I felt this Friday night.

Every year we get to have an "Evening With a General Authority" as part of Timothy's seminary calling. The seminary faculty and their spouses have a nice sit down dinner and then they meet and watch a conference given by a general authority.

I always enjoy this. One-because it is so well done. They truly spoil us and put so much work into the evening. And two-(the obvious) I get to spend an evening with my sweetheart chatting with those he works with on a daily basis in the cause of seminary. It is so much fun to hear them chat about this teaching strategy or that game. Or how to keep so-and-so awake. For those of you unfamiliar with LDS seminary, they are a group of high-school students that meet every morning at 6:00AM to learn and discuss the gospel.

Anyway, this year was no exception. It was beautiful and the dinner was fabulous. I enjoyed the stories around the table and laughed with them. I had been feeling rather sick that night, so I wasn't sure if I would make it. I was gone for all but about 1 1/2 hours out of the whole day, so it was on my mind to stay home and let Timothy go-it-alone. But my efforts to dress myself in my Sunday best and down a few Tylenol paid off.

Elder Henry B. Eyring spoke that night about the worth of each student that is learning the gospel.

He spoke of how much the Lord loves them, even if they are the ones that come and turn their backs to you most of the time.

He spoke of praying for our students by name and speaking earnestly to the Lord about our concerns for these students.

There were so many inspired things he spoke about. I know I don't need to list them all here, but I just felt like I needed to hear those things. The first reason being, I was just called to be in the Young Woman's organization at church and I will be teaching the gospel to some very precious young ladies. And the second reason being my ongoing job as a teacher to my own children. They are learning the gospel from me. The Lord loves them unconditionally and wants them to know and to live eternal truths.

I felt God's love for me and his personal witness in my heart that these things are true. I need to pray for my children by name and also those I teach the gospel to. It was as if a message was sent from the Lord straight to my heart. All the next day, I was gone running and doing. My mind was constantly turning his words over in my mind. I was even having a hard time focusing on the things I really needed to do that day. It has certainly had a profound effect on me.

These are the little things that come into my life that help me to KNOW that God lives and that he knows me and he loves me. I hope that all of you know that too. God lives. He does. He loves you. He knows your name. He wants you to feel his love. I know it is true!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silly Dr. Doolittle!

Last night we were watching the old 1967 edition of "Dr. Doolittle" and Jaren was excitedly watching all the fun animals. We came to the barn scene before he joins the circus and Jaren saw the little skunks come running out of the barn. Not remembering what they are called, Jaren yelled to the other kids,

"Hey look!! The stink-rats are running out!!"

Silly Jaren, we love you!

And here are a few pictures of the stink-rat himself.........

Halloween 2007

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Know You Live in Seattle When.......... is the first sunny day you can remember and your kids still don their raincoats and golashes to go outside and play a little football.
Case in point: See all that sunshine! What a treat.
Watch out, Brother!! Looks like someone wants the ball more than you.

Bikes are out and ready for spring to come.

Jaren finally learned how to ride down the hill on his tricycle. Move over Calvin and Hobbes. Your 'wagon-riding-down-the-steep-hill' stunts just might be outdone by this boy. What a daredevil!

And I can't forget to tell you-- I saw my first bulbs in the front yard peeking their heads up out of the soil a few inches. And on the way to the eye dr. last week, I saw the first Rhodedendrons blossomed out all pink and pretty.
(Oh, and how appropriate....I just remembered it is Groundhog day. Or in Holly's ever-famous-toddler-venacular, "HAPPY HOGCHUNK DAY!!" to you all!)