Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forced to change.....

........for comments, that is.

I have added comment moderation to my blog.  I am having trouble with unknown users adding links and/or phony ads to the comment section of old blog posts. 

So, now if you'd like to comment just hit send and it will email the comment to me.  After I have seen it and I know it isn't one of these phony links, I just okay it and it appears in the comment box like usual.

Sorry to mix things up.  I don't know why people want to be malicious.

One Hairy Mess!!

Our Little Ryan has always had a lot of curly hair. 

In fact, the longer it gets the bigger the curls get.

And as you can see below........the curls have gotten WAY OUT OF HAND!!

No amount of pleading could get permission for me to cut his hair.  He was determined to keep the curls.  At first he had the shaggy, Luke Skywalker look.  But it quickly turned into this:

So, I made him a deal.  He could pick any haircut he wanted and I would replicate it.  He went for it.  This picture below is the "do" he wanted.  I was happy to oblige!  One young Malfoy coming up!

While Draco is quite a monster in the show.....he is nothing compare to the monster that we found in Ryan's hair!!  (Can you believe that mound!?!)

And the finished product..........

I am glad he is so pleased with the cut.  It was a first for me.  I specialize in the missionary haircut, so keeping it long in the back took some time.  As I started to cut it was turning into a mullet.  A little layering in the back smoothed it out and we flipped the ends up.  (I told him it was a little bit "Kirk Cameron".  He just rolled his eyes and said, "Mom, I don't know who you are talking about!")

Ryan, you are once again my handsome curly headed boy.  Let's keep the curls to a minimum!
I Love yoU!

New Neighbors

I was taking the kids to their art class and Ariana swore she saw a bald eagle.

I told her it was probably a plastic eagle that someone put up to scare the crows away from their garden.  But on the way back home from dropping them off I saw not ONE but TWO bald eagles in the tree.

When I picked up the kids, the birds were still there and I grabbed my camera.  Ryan jumped out of the van and took these close-ups.  You can really see this big guy staring and Ryan.  I think he wanted to eat him for lunch!

They must be building a nest in our neighborhood.  We have friends who have seen them quite frequently.  It sure is fun to know that they aren't endangered anymore.  How fun!

Monday, April 26, 2010

3-14-2010, Pi, Pie, π

Ryan loves pie.  He asks for it regularly for Family Home Evening.  Last month he insisted we celebrated Pi day.  It was 3/14.  Does that make sense?

 Pi =3.1415926535

So, we even set the alarm for 3/14 1:59:26.  Hurray! 

In honor of the day our handsome daddy made this pumpkin pie.  He opened the oven and etched the pi symbol into the top.  You know how a pumpkin pie usually cracks in the middle?  When this one cracked it cracked into a perfect pi symbol.

Happy Pi Day!

Job Charts

We have a new job system at our house.  The kids are busy earning fun things.
Holly wanted to earn a set of nails.  We played salon last weekend.  If you have gotta check out this site:

It is totally customizable.  You choose chores, points, rewards.  They check off their chores and it gives them points.  They can see the rewards they are working toward.  It has worked wonders at our house and it is free.  You can't beat that. 

Jay-zo buggy......

Hey, me your new pajamas!
Aw, please smile for me?
Okay, those were funny faces. Now, will you smile for me?
That isn't a smile!  Jaren Thomas!!  Please smile nice for the camera!!
I GIVE UP!! :)

Nephi Hills

My oldest Brother was doing his Eagle Scout project many years ago.  We planted 500 trees in a forest burn area in Nephi, Utah.  It was a grueling day.  500 holes is a lot to dig, no matter how excited  you are when you start.
       As we got home, Mom threw together a dish made of leftovers.  (Something she can do like a queen.  My mom can come to my house and look in the fridge.  I will only have half a jar of pickles, some ketchup, and a dish of leftover noodles.  She will whip around the kitchen and serve us a gourmet meal.  I don't know how she does it!)

Anyway, she whipped up a dish with biscuits on top.  They were covered with melted cheese and poppy seeds.  It was so good.  We didn't know what to call it.  I said, "Mom, it looks like the Nephi Hills we were on all day today."  Thus it was dubbed "Nephi Hills".  I haven't had it in decades.  I tried to recreate it the other night.  My kids went wild.  They ate more than I did.  Yum.
 So, Mom.....this one's for you.  :)   My recipe:

Nephi Hills

One pound of roasted chicken- (I used the leftover dark meat after having chicken the night before. It had so much flavor!!  Those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store work great.)
Two pounds mixed veggies cooked in a cup of water on the stove. (This makes them moist. Cooking in the microwave doesn't do frozen veggies any good.)
Two cans Cream of Chicken Soup-undiluted.

Mix all together (including the water from the veggies.  That makes the gravy) and pour into the bottom of a 9X13 pan. 

Make your favorite biscuits.  (We have used the best recipe from The Joy of Cooking and even lowly Bisquick mix biscuits and they both worked equally well.)

Put 12-15 biscuits across the top of the casserole.
Shred a cup of cheese over the top.
Sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Bake in a hot oven--450* for 15 minutes or till the biscuits are golden and puffy.

Enjoy.  It goes really well with a dish of fruit.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kid-isms revisited

****Jaren: Oh, man!  Why does my neck always stop!
(He had his chin turned all the way over to his right shoulder)
 I wish it could go 'round.  I never get to see my back!

****Holly: I know what "Passed away" means now.
Ariana: It means to pull up the anchor and push your boat away.
Holly:  blank stare..........

(I then proceeded to clear the confusion between "cast-away" and "passed away")

****We homeschool and so I teach the kids handwriting lessons.  We were talking about sloppy handwriting and how the computer has introduced an even lazier generation as far as penmanship is concerned.  After the lesson I tried to reiterate the message by asking the kids,

Mom: "So, what is one of the biggest problems in our generation?" 
Ryan: "Barack Obama"  (Bu-dum---ching! :)

****And this one is old but good. My mom was visiting and we surprised the kids with a trip to feed the ducks and then McDonald's afterward. Ryan was four or five and liked to read labels, but didn't always get them right......... 

Ryan: Yay, yay, yay.......can I get Hick in my happy meal?
Me:  What is Hick?
Ryan: It's the red stuff.
Mom:  What red stuff?
Ryan: The Hick!
Me: Do you mean ketchup?
Ryan: No, I mean HICK.  (getting a little frustrated that I don't understand.)
Me:  I still don't know what Hick means.  You'll have to help me choose it when we get there.

We pull up to McDonald's and Grandma saves the day.  She spots the Hi-C fountain drink. 
We laughed till we cried.  We still call Hi-C "Hick" to this day.

Kids keep life fun and interesting.