Friday, October 28, 2011


This boy has been busy writing Limericks again. Seems like every year he gets an assignment at school and then it sets his thinker into Limerick mode. I thought I'd share the one he came up with this morning:
The Grave of Jefferey Drake:
Hit the gas instead of the brake
His car did explode
As it went off the road
Went splash right into a lake.

Have a happy Friday, all you ghosties and ghoulies!  See you at the Trunk or Treat.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love my boys.....

I found this old picture of Jaren. He cracks me up. I have more silly pictures of him than I will ever have of the serious kind. :) Lately, he has been up to some building.

Jaren learned from his big brother that when building with blocks, dominoes, jenga pieces, or anything is cool to build temples. (I don't know where Ryan got it. I always built "Towers" when I was little, so I think it is pretty cool that they build temples instead. ) Anyway, here are a few of Jaren's recent temples.

This one with the curved entrance looks like the Bountiful, Utah temple. Timothy and I were married there. :) Here is a comparison:

Monday, April 25, 2011

You can tell where we live....

We finally had a day where the sun was shining a bit. We live in the rainiest, cloudiest place. I just about go bonkers every year before the sun comes out for a few months. I took the kids outside in the sun to get a picture and this is what I got:

No EYES! It wasn't even full sunlight. The sky was completely overcast with thin clouds. You would think they were at the beach in full sun.

Tyler WOULD NOT open his eyes. "Gee Mom, what is that bright ball?"

We put Tyler in the shade and finally saw a tiny bit of his eyes.

Oh, there they are! It took a while. I guess we can't move back to Sunny South Carolina. Their eyes just wouldn't take it. We are now a bunch of Seattle wimps.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things are a bit hairy around here....

Dear Grandma S. ,
These pictures are way overdue. So, instead of emailing one, we decided to post all of them here for you. Here they are!

We Love You!
~Holly and Ariana

It is that time of year again to give the "big cuts" to the girls. Holly has never given her hair to Locks of Love. She will usually get a few trims and then take 5-6" off before school starts.

But now that her hair is so much thicker, it finally made it to the 10" requirement for sending in to Locks of Love. Check out the before and after:

Holly Before:

(some lucky child will get Holly's pretty platinum hi-lites! :)

Ariana Before:

(wet hair! :)

(Ariana has been doing this now for 7 years. So, she is a pro and gave 14" again. Way to go, Ana!)

Ariana's BIG CUT!

Holly's Big Cut!
(This is the only picture I got of Holly's ponytail. She is covering half of it. Aaargh. But you get the idea, right? Holly gave a full 10" of hair. )

The finished product. Ahhhh, so light and fluffy!

Wow, we forgot how much curl Holly has!

(This is curled, but is sure is easy to do now.)

Adorable Ariana

Happy Holly

It was a fun experience for both these beautiful gals. I am glad they like to do good things for others. And it is kind of fun to be pampered in the process.

P.S. Since the girls were getting so much attention with the cutting of their hair, the boys decided that they needed a little attention of their own. What better way than to grow a little hair themselves?

Jaren is planning on a full handlebar. But he's gonna need a little wax to get the full effect. Anyone know where I can find some mustache product that doesn't build up?

Ryan was goin' for a simple chevron, but his hair is so wily that it quickly got out of hand. He trimmed it back to this handsome horseshoe and he is in the process of redesigning his look. We think that a freestyle-English type 'stache will be in the works next. Stay tuned....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Being so careful

I love to snap candid shots. Here is Daddy putting Tyler in the new swing for the first time. Doesn't it look like Tyler has a little sideways smirk on his face?

On a side note....everything has fallen apart that we used for our other babies. So, this time around we had to buy everything over seat, swing, crib. I just put Tyler in the bouncer seat (the one and only thing that hasn't been destroyed by going through four other babies) and the seat support bar just broke through. Aargh!! So, I guess we get to buy another bouncer. Like I told Timothy....."We either should have stopped at four or now we'll have to have another four to make it worth all the new purchases. " *grin*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mauery Monkeys

We've added a new monkey to the family. I wonder if he knows what he is in for! (Jaren and Holly crack me up in this one. And Daddy and Ryan have the classic monkey underbite.)
Ariana joins in on the fun. I think the zoo just called and they want Daddy back. Peace, Holly. Hang Loose, Jaren. Goodnight, Ryan.

Introducing our newest......

Newest Mauery edition
Model #2010
Tyler Harris Mauery
(Don't you love how the curls in his hair make a tiny mohawk. It is so cute.)
We are so excited to have our little guy here in our arms. He came a month early and is healthy and strong. We have so many pictures to post and thank you's to write. We'll start catching up as time (and sleep) are to be had. Love to you all!!