Friday, January 7, 2011

Being so careful

I love to snap candid shots. Here is Daddy putting Tyler in the new swing for the first time. Doesn't it look like Tyler has a little sideways smirk on his face?

On a side note....everything has fallen apart that we used for our other babies. So, this time around we had to buy everything over seat, swing, crib. I just put Tyler in the bouncer seat (the one and only thing that hasn't been destroyed by going through four other babies) and the seat support bar just broke through. Aargh!! So, I guess we get to buy another bouncer. Like I told Timothy....."We either should have stopped at four or now we'll have to have another four to make it worth all the new purchases. " *grin*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mauery Monkeys

We've added a new monkey to the family. I wonder if he knows what he is in for! (Jaren and Holly crack me up in this one. And Daddy and Ryan have the classic monkey underbite.)
Ariana joins in on the fun. I think the zoo just called and they want Daddy back. Peace, Holly. Hang Loose, Jaren. Goodnight, Ryan.

Introducing our newest......

Newest Mauery edition
Model #2010
Tyler Harris Mauery
(Don't you love how the curls in his hair make a tiny mohawk. It is so cute.)
We are so excited to have our little guy here in our arms. He came a month early and is healthy and strong. We have so many pictures to post and thank you's to write. We'll start catching up as time (and sleep) are to be had. Love to you all!!