Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little spring cleaning

If you take a look at the right side of my blog, (not just reading in Google Reader) you'll notice that a few family members are missing and those pictures are SO OLD! I have decided to do a little spring cleaning and update things around here.  (Give me a week.)

(Ryan, age 12)

 But first, I would need new pictures of the kids and a good picture of little Tyler. So, I went to get the kids school pictures out of their envelopes.

(Ariana, age 10)

SCHOOL PICTURES!!! I hate the thought of it. Every year they get worse and worse. I wanted to take them back this year. The kids' skin actually looked green in them. I even took Holly,  Jaren and Tyler over to the school at 7AM to let them get their pictures taken since they aren't in classes there. Big mistake.

 (Holly, age  7)

So, we decided to do our own school pictures at home. I think Timothy did a great job!

 (Jaren, age 5)

 Didn't they turn out nice? I like them so much more than their school pictures. :)

(Tyler, age 1)

So, what do ya think?  Didn't Timothy do a better job than the "professionals"?  And did you notice that Tyler is wearing the same sweater in this picture that Jaren wore in the old picture on the right.  How funny.  It has been a while since I updated! Those boys are over 4 years apart and must be about the same age in these photos. *she winces sheepishly*